* 1. Please update your contact information so you will be one of the first to receive information on Sirchie's Tac Commander cutting edge tactical gear.

* 2. How many sworn officers in your department?

* 3. How many of your sworn officers CURRENTLY HAVE riot gear?

* 4. To be prepared for crowd control or riot situations in your region, how many of your sworn officers do you think SHOULD HAVE riot gear?

* 5. To outfit an officer for crowd control/riot response, what components of gear are important to you? Select all that apply.

* 6. Who normally purchases tactical gear (helmets, body gear, shields, etc) for your department? Please select all that apply.

* 7. How old is your current department riot gear?

* 8. Are you interested in any other equipment for crowd control/riot response? 

* 9. Would you be interested in receiving information about crowd control/riot response training?

* 10. Any additional thoughts or information you would like to share with us about crowd control/riot response?

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