Service Learning Feedback Survey

Please take a few minutes to respond to the following 12 questions. Keep your Sinclair Community College service learning experience in mind as you respond. If you have done multiple service projects at Sinclair this term think of the one you most recently completed.

Your anonymous responses will be used to help improve the service learning program for future Sinclair students.

If you have anything that needs additional information the last question will allow you to provide that detail. Should you have any questions please contact me.

Thank you,

David L. Bodary, Ph.D.
937 512-5040

* 1. Doing this service project helped me to better connect to what I am learning in my class.

* 2. Completing this service project improved my relationship with my classmates and/or instructor.

* 3. After completing this service project I have a better idea of what I want to do with my life.

* 4. This Service Learning experience increased my understanding of problems or challenges other people or groups face in society.

* 5. I learned something new about my community through this experience.

* 6. The agency representatives where I completed my service project helped me to understand how my work would help make a difference for others.

* 7. I would recommend the agency where I completed my service experience to other students.

* 8. I wish my other courses included Service Learning opportunities.

* 9. Every student should have to do a Service Learning project in order to graduate.

* 10. I completed the Student Service Learning Agreement form for my service experience.

* 11. I completed ___________ service hours through this project?

* 12. Please take a moment to describe what impact your service learning experience had? For instance, consider sharing something you learned, how the experience impacted your understanding of a concept or how the experience impacted your desire to continue learning. Remember to print this survey if your instructor requires proof of your completion of this process.