1. Introduction to the survey

In today’s rapidly changing economy, the new prerequisites for competitiveness are collaboration, innovation and agility. The ability to quickly provide the market with innovative and customizable products that exceed user expectations has become the new imperative.

As part of corporate digitalization initatives, the use of simulations has come to the attention of top leaders in companies all over the world. The opportunity to deal with the demand for rapid innovation, increasingly complex products and an urge for new service opportunities, with a "single" technology - engineering simulations - is obviously very attractive.

So how to address this from a strategic perspective, and how to organize and manage to secure all those benefits? Unfortunately, not much is available when it comes to research, literature and best practices on the topic.

To get better insight into those important challenges, we have been approached by several companies to help them and us find some of those answers, and here we are! The survey will take about 15 minutes to answer.

We have tried to be as generic as possible, but the diversity among the companies invited to this survey is significant. So some questions may not be relevant for your organization, if so just skip them. But please try to consider the whole company or business unit when you answer. And when we say simulations, we mean engineering simulations throughout the survey.

If you have any ideas for improvement of the survey for the years to come, we have reserved some space for this on the last page.