* 1. Name of the school where your CTE program is located

* 2. Name of your CTE Instructor

* 3. What is the name of your Simulated Workplace Company?

* 4. Are you satisfied, with your experience in the Simulated Workplace?

* 5. What are your favorite parts of Simulated Workplace?

* 6. What parts of Simulated Workplace would you like to see changed?

* 7. Do you feel you are learning about business expectations that future employers will have; like being at work on time, dressing appropriately, safety procedures and drug test?

* 8. Would you recommend this program to a friend?

* 9. Do you believe that what you as an individual do in the Simulated Workplace has an impact on the worth of the “company”?

* 10. Did you help your Simulated Workplace Company develop the policy handbook?

* 11. Has being in this program encouraged you to think about your work or career plans after high school?

* 12. Are you more motivated to learn since the introduction of Simulated Workplace?

* 13. Do you think Simulated Workplace gives students the opportunity to experience what it is like to be in a real workplace with real workplace rules and policies?

* 14. Do you feel it would be useful to have a live conference via the internet with the Associate State Superintendent of Schools (Dr. D’Antoni) to discuss your Simulated Workplace company quarterly reports?

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