Thank you for holding your session at ISEC. Please take a couple of minutes to evaluate your experience as instructor/faculty for your session. We will use this data to steer our quality improvement efforts and actions.

Thanks again, ISEC Staff

* 1. What was the date of your session?


* 2. Please rate your experience with the Sim Center staff in the following areas:

  Strongly Disagree Disagree Neutral Agree Strongly Agree
Sim Center staff demonstrated to me commitment to high professional standards in regards to communication
Sim Center staff demonstrated to me and learners commitment to high ethical standards in their activities and interactions.
If problems or technical difficulties arose during session, sim center staff handled these in a timely fashion
I felt prepared for designing, running and debriefing the scenarios in the session.
During the planning phases and session, current educational resources and assistance was provided by the sim staff upon my request.
The facility layout/rooms and equipment set up for the session met or exceeded my needs.

* 3. Please describe specifically what went well in your session and identify actions or other things that were helpful to the success of your session that you think we should continue:

* 4. Please describe how we can improve:

* 5. If there were any issues that arose during your session for which you'd like to file a formal complaint, please enter the issue and your contact information to have a formal complaint form sent to you.