Thanks for supporting the bid!   It's a fantastic opportunity to tackle food waste, saving us money and bringing the town together over some great food activities and events.  We want to make real changes whilst having fun and we'd love to hear about what changes you think would make most difference and your ideas for getting the message out across the town.  All the details fo the competition are at

* 1. What do you think would make most difference in reducing food waste in
the town?

* 2. How would you get the message out across town?   We're particularly interested in ideas that are really visual and fun, things that will stick in people's minds!

* 3. What do you think Shrewsbury has to offer to set us apart from other towns in this bid?

* 4. Any other ideas?

* 5. Please share your contact details so that we can get back to you about your idea.

* 6. Finally,  please tell us why food escaped into your bin this week?

Thanks for supporting the Bid!

Shrewsbury Town Council and The Rubbish Diet are pulling the bid together with support from Shrewsbury Food Festival , Marcus Bean, The Ark, Friends of the Earth, Transition Shrewsbury, Veolia, Shropshire Council, Self Help Africa, Salopian Brewery...thanks for joining us!