Dear valued Colleagues,

This is a survey on the demand for short courses and postgraduate training in aquatic animal health at Murdoch University, Perth, Western Australia in 2014 and beyond. Your response to this survey will help us develop training courses that are better suited to you as managers, researchers or technical personnel who have to deal with aquatic animal health issues on a daily basis. We can design courses targeted at helping you improve fish health management and biosecurity at the farm, research or natural ecosystem levels.

Have you experienced varied success with diagnosing disease or treating fish at your facility? Do you wish that given the huge capital and time investments that you have made in your research or aquaculture venture, that there would be less uncertainty to achieving successful outcomes? Improved knowledge in fish health can help your management, professional and technical staff, and is an asset worth investing in.

It is critical for success in environmental management that we better understand the dynamics between living organisms in our natural ecosystems, greater than 50% of which lives in an aquatic environment. Our courses in aquatic animal health can help you better manage the aquatic environment.

I have two decades of working experience with fish and shellfish health, aquaculture and related industries. My research has been based on real disease problems faced by fish farms. I have delivered numerous short courses and workshops on fish health and pathology over the last ten years.

I ask that you will please tell me what you would like to see available as training courses to support production in the aquaculture industry, biosecurity, research involving aquatic animals, and management of the aquatic environment. Please note that questions with an asterisk require an answer or response, although the response to 'Other' is optional.

Thank you in advance for taking the time to complete this survey of 12 short questions, and I hope to see you at my next fish pathology workshop in 2014. You may contact me for further information on: S.Kueh@murdoch.edu.au

Yours sincerely,
Dr Susan Gibson-Kueh
BVSc, MSc, PhD (Fish Pathology)

Addendum Thurs 09 Jan 2014: Some survey responders have indicated preference for a masters by full coursework. At this stage, it will likely take off as a postgraduate diploma by coursework or masters by part coursework and part research; this can then progress onto a masters by full coursework in the next couple of years, as indicated in preference by some responders.

If you would prefer a postgraduate diploma by coursework, please indicate in Q8's response under 'Other'. Thank you, Susan