Beginning at convocation in fall of 2016, Shoreline employees have taken part in conversations about our values and core themes. Based on feedback provided at various points since then, Shoreline is poised to make a significant transition by fully adopting new values and core themes, in concert with launching our new identity and tagline.

The campus update on December 1st provided more details about these changes, clarifying the relationship between the mission, core themes, values, and the strategic plan.  In addition, attendees had the opportunity to provide feedback about the proposed core themes and indicators.  A video of this presentation can be found here:

The comments provided during the interactive gallery walk at the end of the session have been incorporated into a new version of the core theme objectives and indicators.  In this survey, you are invited to review this new version and provide your thoughts and feedback.

Your responses will remain anonymous and will be compiled by the Office of Institutional Assessment and Data Management.  Feel free to skip any questions you do not wish to answer.  
If you have questions about the survey, please contact Bayta Maring (, 206-546-6949).