* 1. Do you live in Cottage Grove?

* 2. If yes, how long have you lived in Cottage Grove? (If no, proceed to # 3)

* 3. What percentage of goods and services (shopping/dining/services) would you estimate that you currently purchase in Cottage Grove on a weekly basis?

* 4. If not Cottage Grove, what City do you most commonly go to for shopping, dining, and service needs?

* 5. What retail/service needs are not being met by the current selection of businesses in Cottage Grove?

* 6. What types of businesses not currently in Cottage Grove would do well here?

* 7. Please list the names of all the Cottage Grove businesses where you could buy jewelry.

* 8. Are you more likely to support a local business if you have a coupon for that business?

* 9. When determining where to locate, potential businesses look at how well existing businesses in a community are doing, to see if there's enough demand for their business as well.

How would you suggest the City and business community communicate to residents that by choosing to support businesses in Cottage Grove, they are also helping to make the community more attractive to new businesses that will ultimately expand the shopping/dining/service options in the City?