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** Deadline extended to Monday, 13th of May, 2013.
This training is part of the activities of the ShMILE-2 Sustainable Hotels for the Mediterranean EU project (2012-2014) aiming to promote the European Eco-labels in hotels and tourist accommodation services, among key stakeholders such as public authorities, associations, hotel owners and professionals of the tourism sector.

ShMILE-2 Sustainable Hotels for the Mediterranean Project is a project funded by the European Union that aims to promote the European Eco-label for hotels in six Mediterranean countries namely, France, Italy, Greece, Egypt, Tunisia, and Jordan. The project is a continuation of the 2004 LIFE-Environment program (ShMILE) that was experimenting with Eco-labeling in European Mediterranean resorts. The current (second) phase is the ShMILE-2, which aims to promote Eco-labels, ensures its international recognition and promoting better performance and competitiveness in Egypt, Jordan and Tunisia, and the European partners, France, Italy and Greece, who are all joining efforts to exchange experience and promote Eco-labeling and its benefits to all stakeholders and to build local capacities through training/technical assistance.

An Eco-label for a hotel is a certification stating that the hotel meets a set of environmental performance criteria to enhance water and waste management, energy use, conservation of nature, training staff and informing guests, and it also promises savings in hotel operation costs while conserving the environment, among other criteria that may distinguish a hotel and show its environmental responsibility. European Travel Agents are increasingly seeking Eco-labeled destinations, which are becoming a significant attraction for tourist choices, so it is a good marketing tool as well.

The objective of the course is to train professional figures to correctly develop the Eco-label scheme into accommodation service organizations, having the adequate skills, which is through 256-hours of two phases:

• 156-hours class-training program ( Day-time schedules)
• 100-hours internship (on-job-training) awarded to selected trainees.

A. Cross-cutting Courses
EU Ecolabel
ISO 14001 Lead Auditor Course
New Norms and National Legislation and Programs

B. Specialized Modules
Energy Efficiency for Hotels
Solar Energy for Hotels

C. Internship Preparation Module
Information session for interns

** Applicants may select certain modules based on interest.

A limited number of excelling students will be selected for internships at hotels.

A limited number of trainees will be carefully selected for this course. They should want to become consultants for Ecolabels for accommodation facilities to assist hotels in certification processes and in planning for energy and environmental management measures. They will be young professionals (or post-graduate students) aiming to become consultants in this field.

Trainee qualifications are as follows:

• University graduate with 1-4 years of work experience or post-graduate studies (specialization in Engineering and other technical degrees or in Hotel Management is a plus). Relevant work experience will also be evaluated.
• Good command of written and spoken English.
• The CV will be evaluated (experience, courses attended, extra-curricular activities, etc) with the possibility of interviewing if necessary.

Highly qualified local and international trainers are selected for the modules of this training programme, including international experts in EU Eco-label Certification.

Alexandria (venue TBC)
8. FEES:
This training is offered for * FREE *
(NOTE: Travel and accomodation costs are not covered by the programme)

*** If interested in this opportunity, please fill the application below if interested and we will contact you by e-mail to inform you of the results of the selection, noting that it is a highly competitive process:

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* Travel & Accomodation Terms

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* Internship in Phase-2:

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* Education ( list your degree name and specialization, university name, and date of receiving the degree):

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* Work Experience ( list the organization name, position, and date):

Please refer to the following schedule:
(Note: Some of the dates are subject to changes, all applicants will receive the updates)

Module-1: New Norms and National Legislation and Policies (TBC)
Module-2: EU Ecolabel (May 27-29)
Module-3: (Internship Information Session) Internship Process Orientation (TBC)
Module-4; ISO 14001 Lead Auditor Certification Course (June 9-13)
Module-5: Energy Efficiency for Hotels Intensive Course (TBC)
Module-6: Solar Energy for Hotels (TBC)

(Note: Module-3 is compulsory for all participants).

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* I would like to attend the following modules:
( Note: Module-2 is compulsory for all )

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* Why would you like to attend the selected modules?

*** Please send your CV to the following address, with the subject heading "Application":

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* DEADLINE: Monday, May 13th

Best regards from the team of SHMILE2.