* 1. Please provide your first and last name.

* 2. Patient information is private and only given on a need to know basis.

* 3. Instances when information must be shared with the proper authorities include:

* 4. Qualities of a professional include all of the following except

* 5. We should not stereotype or prejudge our clients based on

* 6. To be effective in dealing with conflict, the most important aspect is your ability to maintain and demonstrate

* 7. One strategy to assist children with ADHD is to

* 8. Safety should be promoted when working with children and teens.

* 9. When disposing of syringes or lancets, you may place them in the trash.

* 10. Proper hand washing technique includes scrubbing hands for approximately

* 11. When handling blood or other hazardous fluids you do NOT need to wear gloves.

* 12. Blood borne pathogens can enter your body through

* 13. The following supplies are used to disinfect surfaces (choose all that apply)

* 14. Whenever assisting a patient with moving to a different location make sure that they put their weight on their strong side.

* 15. Whenever helping a patient into their wheelchair, the brakes must be off.

* 16. When helping a patient apply their oxygen you may turn the oxygen on for them.

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