* 1. Are you a Resident of Coconut Creek?

* 2. Which pavilion did you reserve?

* 3. Why did you choose this location for your event?

* 4. How many times in a year do you reserve a pavilion?

* 5. Cleanliness of pavilion (please rate)

* 6. Condition of the surrounding grounds, wooded areas and butterfly gardens (please rate)

* 7. Cleanliness of the restrooms (please rate)

* 8. Customer service you received from the Park Ranger (please rate)

* 9. Based on your recent experience, would you reserve a pavilion for your next event?

* 10. Please list any improvements you would like to see

* 11. May we contact you regarding this survey?

* 12. Optional Contact Information:
Please include your name, phone number and/or email