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* 4. Where are you from?

* 5. Which form(s) of media did you use most to learn about the festival?

* 6. Please rate your ticket purchasing experience

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Clarity (of prices and process)
Efficiency of delivery

* 7. "Our festival website helped plan your visit." Would you agree with this statement?

* 9. Your top three favourite areas of the festival are: (choose three)

* 10. Ranking from 1 to 4, our merchandise should: (1 = most important)

* 13. Overall, how did you enjoy your festival experience?

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Information from our volunteers
Efficiency of Parking System

* 14. It's important to you that Shelter Valley:

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Commits to prudent use of resources
Encourages a sense of family and community
Enriches cultural life in Northumberland County
Ensures equal treatment of performers, artists, volunteers, and audience
Chooses participants on the basis of being genuine, creative and unique vs. notoriety
Chooses participants on the basis of being local

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* 16. I have heard about the organization's Artists in the Schools outreach program

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