* 1. Please tell us whether you agree or disagree with the following statements:

  Strongly disagree Disagree Unsure Agree Strongly agree
I learned something new about Shakespeare and/or the First Folio.
The exhibitions and programs I participated in met my expectations.
I established, or increased, my understanding and/or appreciation of Shakespeare and/or his works.
Shakespeare is relevant to me and to today’s world.
I established, or increased, my connection with the Folger Shakespeare Library.

* 2. Please share with us what you learned about Shakespeare and/or the First Folio:

* 3. What have you participated in during Shakespeare at Emory?

* 4. Please share with us how, or in what ways, Shakespeare is or isn’t relevant to you and to today’s world:

* 5. Tell us how you want to connect with Folger in future (e.g., traveling exhibitions, online, visiting us in Washington D.C.):

* 6. Do any of the following apply to any members of your party? Check all boxes that apply:

* 7. What is your zipcode?