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Heat stress on ewes and rams can reduce fertility, impair foetal development and lower lamb survival. Likewise cold stress will reduce the survival of newly shorn sheep and newborn lambs. Extreme climatic variation (wind, rain and temperature) poses a significant stress on extensively managed sheep. Shade and shelter offer the opportunity to minimise the stress to improve production and welfare of ewes, rams and lambs.

From this survey a baseline on the current use of shade and shelter will be established and motivations for adoption identified.  The information gathered will be used to structure a research and development project to improve the effectiveness, use and accessibility of shade and shelter in the Australian sheep industry.

The following seven-question-survey takes less than five minutes to complete. We would also like to keep you informed on the progress of the research. Please let us know at the end of the survey if you are interested.

If you have any questions about the project prior to completing the survey please contact: Serina Hancock, Murdoch University, or 0403 570 823
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