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Ellen Eatough, “The Soulful Sex Coach”

* 1. Gender:

* 2. What is your sexual preference?

* 3. With regard to sex and intimacy, what are you most frustrated or concerned about? (Or what are you embarrassed or ashamed to admit you're frustrated or concerned about.)

* 4. With regard to sex and intimacy, what do you most want to know more about or have answered? (Go ahead and ask...anything goes!)

* 5. What is the decade of your age? Please be honest! ;-)

* 6. Please rate the following in terms of importance to you (even if you don't currently have a partner):

  Extremely Important Important Nice, But Not Important I Don’t Care I Don’t Want This N/A
Hot physical sex
Deep intimacy during sex
Hot physical sex and deep intimacy at the same time
A soulful or spiritual connection during sex
Sensuous/erotic time together without always having sex
Get me/my partner out of my/his/her head and into sex
Have orgasms more easily
My partner have orgasms more easily
Have more powerful orgasms
Experience various types of orgasm
Male multiple orgasm before or without ejaculation
Female ejaculation
Get a partner
Have my partner initiate sex at times or more often
Have my partner engage in more foreplay
Have my partner not need as much foreplay
If we're going to have sex, have my partner start expressing affection, verbally & physically, long before we get to bed
Have my partner be more sensuous during lovemaking
Have my partner slow down and/or not be so goal-oriented

* 7. Are you in an intimate relationship?

* 8. Are you motivated to improve your love life?

* 9. Are you willing and able to discuss with your partner your feelings about wanting to improve your love life?

* 10. Has your partner expressed (verbally or non-verbally) that your love life could be improved?

* 11. The following information is optional. I don't need to know who you are unless you wish to tell me. If you do, I will not share your info.

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