Customers who have purchased (or renewed) their Tax Year 2022 software may submit online Service Bureau scheduling requests. The Service Bureau receives requests and assigns an Upload Window within our Filing Timeline. Your "Upload Window" is the timespan that you may submit your upload(s) for guaranteed processing by the respective IRS/SSA deadline

Scheduling requests require a valid Software Authorization Code. Your Authorization Code starts with an "F" and is listed on your paid invoice, or is accessible in your installed software via the menu bar -> Utilities -> Registration & Upgrades. If you don't have an Authorization Code, you may need to:
Please submit a separate scheduling request for each Authorization Code &/or software product.

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* 1. Enter your Software Authorization Code:
Authorization Codes start with an "F" followed by 13 alpha/numeric digits. Only enter one Software Autho Code. 

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* 2. Indicate your Service Bureau customer type:
Pick only one type for this Software Autho Code.