The following survey asks questions about your service that supports early childhood social-emotional development and mental health. This survey is intended to be completed for services such as an individual providing a clinical or community based service, or for a treatment or intervention, not for things like curricula, training initiatives, frameworks, and approaches.

The data you provide will be used to populate an online, interactive Navigation Guide. The idea of the Navigation Guide is a direct outcome from a meeting of stakeholders that was held in 2010 and the follow up from that work, where we came up with concrete steps to better serve communities around developing and improving early childhood social-emotional and mental health systems. JFK Partners/University of Colorado School of Medicine and the Partnership for Families and Children are working to develop the Navigation Guide, which will allow communities to sort through various programs, initiatives and services to find ones that best match with their current needs. We will populate the database with profiles of programs that are available for use in communities across Colorado which promote early childhood social-emotional development and mental health. Communities can then use the database to inform their decisions about early childhood social-emotional and mental health program adoption based on their unique community needs through an interactive online decision making process. We appreciate your time for providing this information to us and are confident that you will find the Navigation Guide to be a useful tool. If you have questions about the survey, you may contact:

Amber Minogue
phone: 720.839.6682


Sarah Davidon
phone 303.724.7635

Thank you,
Sarah Davidon, Principal Investigator
Lorraine Kubicek, Evaluation Director
Amber Minogue, Project Coordinator
Kelly Stainback-Tracy, Project Liaison