1. EMS Webinar, "Human Trafficking"

Date and Time: Wednesday, September 20, 2017 from 6-7pm EST. 

Webinar Presenter: Terrie S. Godde, BS, CCP, EMS IC, EMS Education Coordinator, MDHHS-Bureau of EMS, Trauma and Preparedness

Objective: This session will define human trafficking, as well as identify the prevalence of this modern-day slavery in our country, and also in our state.  You will learn the red flags of human trafficking and what you can do to help.
By the end of this session, the student will:
                         1:  Be able to define human trafficking
                         2:  Know the red flags of someone who is being trafficked
                         3:  Understand the state laws on human trafficking

Other Information:

Each EMS personnel should complete their OWN registration form. This will make it an easier process on MCRH's end when it comes to taking attendance on the evening of the webinar. Otherwise, you may email Emma Smythe name and emails of those who would like to join the webinar.

Handouts and Additional Information:

At least two days prior to the program, you will be provided via e-mail the teleconference call number and information on how to connect to the webinar via ZOOM. The PowerPoint presentation will be available to be printed from our website about two days prior to the program.

After the program, those that attended the full program, monitored by roll call, will be emailed an attendance sheet as well as a quiz and an evaluation via Survey Monkey. This information is required for receiving a certificate which will include your 1.0 credit of continuing education.

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Please visit www.mcrh.msu.edu and then the EMS link to view the flier on this program. This will have more information.

Thank you for registering for this EMS educational opportunity. If you have any questions, please call Emma Smythe at 1-517-355-7757 or email at Emma.Smythe@hc.msu.edu .