Is Your Self-Image Working For or Against You?

Your self-image is your perception of who you are. It’s the mental picture you carry of yourself having formed it throughout your life by what you’ve experienced, what you believe, your successes, failures, embarrassments, achievements, and the feelings you’ve had based on other people’s reactions toward you. Once you formed this mental picture, it became true in your mind.

Unfortunately, most people don’t question the validity of their mental picture. They go through life believing their mental picture is fact.

Your self-image is the blueprint your brain uses to construct your life. Like any other blueprint, if your mental picture isn’t accurate, you won’t achieve your full potential. It affects how others see you, feel about you, and behave toward you. Therefore, your self-image will either help you to attract the opportunities that will get you from where you are today to where you want to be, or it will repel those opportunities.

This 12-minute survey was created to collect data for a book to be published in the near future. It is designed to gauge the state of the self-image by comparing the relationship between the actions and behaviors respondents possess. Your answers are anonymous. 

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Diana Jennings, CPBS
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