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The Seekonk Public Library is preparing for the future of library service for our users and our community.  Our vision is for a renovated or new facility that addresses both traditional library uses and future library services as they continue to evolve.

The Library is working with Tappé Architects, Inc. on the initial planning of the future library, employing its background of more than 30 years of experience in library planning and design.  Jointly, we want to welcome your input on the future of the  Seekonk Library

You can help us make the Seekonk Library become the best it can be, by answering a few questions. This survey is specifically focused on the potential improvements to the library and how it can better serve your community. 

1. Prior to today, have you visited a library (any library) in the past year?

2. If Yes, How often did you go to a library? Would you say…

3. How long do you typically stay?

4. If you visited a library other than Seekonk Public Library, which one?

5. Why did you choose a Library other than Seekonk?

6. What kinds of spaces would you like to see more of in an improved Seekonk Library? (pick up to 4)