Abundant Life Garden Project: New Life - Seedlings & Babies

New life requires special nurture and care. Whether this “new life” is a seedling, a calf, a kid, a
chick, or a human baby, young lives need nutrients, warmth, and clean water. Young lives must be
protected from harsh weather, disease, insects, and other dangers.

In this module of Abundant Life Garden Project resource materials, we invite participants
of all ages to explore the care and nurture required to protect new life in our gardens, in our
communities, and in the world. This module may serve as a follow-up to previous modules on
Seeds or Animals, or it may serve as an advanced unit for older children and families. Adults and
teens are invited to use this material to explore the topics of vaccines, disease prevention, and the
importance of education in countries served by Episcopal Relief & Development.

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Download the New Life - Seedlings & Babies module by submitting the form below.

Download the New Life - Seedlings & Babies module by submitting the form below.
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