As See, Test & Treat continues to demonstrate its impact on communities across the United States; we are experiencing an overwhelming response to host programs in many communities.

The 2019 See, Test & Treat RFA period will open on Friday, June 1, 2018 and close at 5:00 pm CT on Tuesday, July 31, 2018. All sites wanting to host a program and apply for See, Test & Treat funding in 2019, must submit the Pre-Screening Questionnaire and Program/Grant Application by the July 31, 2018 deadline. For repeat programs, please fill out the Program/Grant Application ONLY. That application can be found here.

The CAP Foundation will continue to offer grants of up to $20,000 to support See, Test & Treat program expenses that other grants and in-kind donations do not cover. As  See, Test & Treat continues to expand, we look to repeat programs to become more self-sustaining and actively pursue other sources of funding in addition to securing in-kind donations in the areas of refreshments/food, supplies, promotion and publicity.

Your responses to these questions will help determine if you are ready to host a See, Test & Treat program. If you answer No to any of the questions, contact CAP Foundation Programs Staff for potential solutions (Julia Rankenburg at 847-832-7931 or

Requirements of all See, Test & Treat programs:
* CAP member pathologist program leader(s) or co-leaders
* Underserved patient population
* Hospital or clinic program host site/location
* Partnership between pathologists and Multispecialty Volunteer- clinical team
* Host site for care of patients
* Capacity to provide a pelvic and breast exam, Pap test and mammogram to eligible women.
* Provision of same-day Pap test results delivered personally to patients on-site.
* Provision of same day or prompt mammogram results (within one week)

Application Requirements:
* Must be a CAP member to apply
* Must be able to meet all program requirements listed above

* 1. Contact Information - Only CAP members may apply for a See, Test & Treat Grant 

* 2. Host Site Name

See, Test & Treat® (STT) is a US-based screening program for women meeting the eligibility requirements as defined by the ACS/ACOG screening guidelines and face healthcare disparities, socioeconomic or other barriers to accessing routine healthcare. STT is not for women currently accessing care through the host hospital or clinic.

* 3. Have you identified a local community population with demonstrated need for a See, Test & Treat® program?

* 4. Are you a current CAP member or are you working with a CAP member?

* 5. Are you willing to lead or co-lead the planning, coordination, and on-site execution of a See, Test & Treat® program?

* 6. Do you have the support of your hospital or clinic or the commitment from a local healthcare facility to host a one-day screening program?

* 7. Is the host site a 501(c)3 organization?

* 8. If no to question 6, can you identify a 501(c)3 organization to act as recipient and fiduciary of CAP Foundation grant funding?

* 9. Can you secure the volunteerism and support of the following stakeholders to assist with planning and hosting your See, Test & Treat® program:

  Yes No
Host site (Hospital/Clinic/Community Health Center)
Administration/Medical Director
Pathologist/Pathology Department
Gynecologist/Gynecology Department
Radiologist/Radiology Department
Medically Certified Interpreters
Patient Advocate/Community Outreach Department
Patient Registration
Financial Aid Department
Public Relations/Marketing/Communications

* 10. Do you have the capabilities in your hospital, clinic or nearby facility to provide the following services with same-day results:

  Yes No
Clinical pelvic exam
Pap test
Clinical breast exam
Screening mammography

* 11. For women who are diagnosed with abnormal cervical or breast results, does the host site have the capability to either provide same-day or timely additional procedures or tests for the following:

  Yes No
Mammogram (additional diagnostic views)

* 12. For women who present with abnormal cervical or breast results, is there a referral system in place for connecting women to necessary care and treatment?

* 13. Can you secure culturally sensitive, patient-centered, translated education?

* 14. Will your See, Test & Treat® program include culturally sensitive, patient-centered health information on any of the following topics:

  Yes No
What is a Pap test?
Why is cervical cancer screening important in maintaining a women’s health?
What is a mammogram?
Why is having a mammogram important in maintaining a women's health?
Demonstration or information about how to perform a self-breast examination.
The opportunity to view slides of healthy and abnormal specimens with a pathologist or pathology resident.
Opportunity for patients to discuss their results with a pathologist.
Education about healthy lifestyle.
Education or demonstrations about healthy nutrition.
Information about eligibility requirements for financial aid or charity program, state or federal program or health insurance marketplace exchange.