Vitirum and WebWorks need your help. We would like to know how much Technical Communicators are involved in securing the content they create. Are you even concerned with the security of your content while you are creating it? Below is a short survey to help us get a pulse of your security needs, so we can better serve them. With the advancement of Mobile Technology, people are becoming more comfortable using mobile devices for their day to day operations. Businesses have already established the importance of connecting to their consumer base on the devices they prefer. You generate revenue from your content, so it should be protected like you do with so many of your important assets. No matter where you are on the scale of total protection to none at all, fill out this survey and let Vitrium and WebWorks know how we can serve you better.

* 1. What kind of content are you generating?

* 2. What mediums do you use to deliver your content?

* 3. When delivering content, is your medium stored locally or do you make it accessible via the web?

* 4. How often do you publish content?

* 5. Do you secure your content in your current workflow?

* 6. How does your company secure or control access to your content?

* 7. Do you feel it is better to include securing your data in the publishing process?

* 8. Would you be interesting in exploring the possibilities of how a Web Works/Vitrium solution could help with your business process?