Please provide the requested information. You can always return to this report and edit your responses. If you wish to save your responses, you can request a copy from the MAA or record them elsewhere.

* 2. Meeting Date

Date meeting was held:

* 3. Submitted by:

* 4. Is the meeting report final?

* 5. Type of meeting - Please indicate primary, secondary, and tertiary parts of the meeting.

  Primary Secondary Tertiary
Fall Section Meeting
Spring Section Meeting
Dinner Meeting
Section NExT

* 6. Please indicate the registration cost for each category offered at your meeting.

* 7. Routine Activities - Please indicate if you had the following activities at your meeting.

  Yes No
MAA book sale
Student competition
Student social activity
Department chairs session
MAA liaisons session

* 8. Total Attendance

* 9. Faculty Attendance

* 10. Student Attendance

* 11. Other Attendance

Sessions/Presenters - Please indicate how many sessions/presenters you had for each of the categories below.

* 12. Invited Speakers

* 13. Panels

* 14. Contributed Papers

* 15. Workshop or Minicourse