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Canopy’s successful trials of Second Harvest book paper with Margaret Atwood, Yann Martel and Alice Munro, as well as the wheat based paper trial with Canadian Geographic in 2008, have shown that a combination of pulps from wheat straw, flax straw, other non-wood agricultural residues, and high quality recycled fiber can provide a sustainable substitute for printing and writing grade papers, as well as for tissue and packaging. These trials, as well as a number of other non-wood paper trials, demonstrate straw papers are feasible low carbon and ‘greener’ options for traditional wood pulp.

Agricultural residues are residues left over from food production or other processes. They do not compete with the food supply and are not on-purpose crops. Fibers used for paper products include cereal straws like wheat straw, rice straw, seed flax straw, corn stalks, sorghum stalks, sugar cane bagasse, and rye seed grass straw.

Canopy is also supporting innovative solutions for fabrics as part of our CanopyStyle campaign. Efforts are underway to explore the use of agricultural residues for textiles. Companies are interested in alternatives to viscose sourced from ancient and endangered forests, and agricultural residues can be part of the solution. Depending on how they are harvested, feedstocks for fabrics may include flax, soy, bagasse, and hemp. Research and development teams are also exploring the use of used clothes and fabrics as an input to make viscose.

Canopy’s Second Harvest Pulp and Paper Market Survey builds market interest in these research developments. Through the information gathered in the survey, we can learn more about companies’ interests in exploring, trialing, and using these innovative solutions. These solutions also have long-term benefits to our ancient forests.

As such, we encourage you to complete this survey on behalf of your company. Information collected in this survey will be kept confidential and only used in aggregate numbers in the public realm, unless the participating companies approve otherwise.

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