Over the years I have heard from many LDS women and men who believe, or have been taught, that if they are righteous enough to obtain the highest degree of exaltation, it will be required of them to live in eternal polygamy. Although the practice of polygamy was officially ended in 1890, it is still permitted in temple sealings which allow a man (but not a woman) to be sealed to subsequent spouses with the promise that these wives will be sealed to him in the eternities.  

I have received deeply moving stories of young LDS widows who often face a very difficult situation. If a woman has been sealed to her husband and her husband passes away, she cannot be married in the temple to a second husband unless she cancels the sealing to her first husband. If she doesn’t (or is not allowed to) cancel the sealing to her first husband, any children she has with her second husband will be sealed to her first husband. Many widows report that this limits their opportunities to be considered for dating by good LDS men who are interested in finding their own eternal companion and creating their own eternal family.

It is my intention with this survey to establish whether or not the beliefs and experiences I have outlined above are extensive throughout the Mormon community and to learn from you who take this survey whether or not you feel at peace with the teachings and policies as you understand them.

Please take a few minutes to complete this survey and especially, at the end of the survey—if you choose—to write your personal experience or that of someone near to you. This survey is completely anonymous. If your story is shared in any way, all revealing specifics will be deleted.

I would especially like to hear from Mormons across the spectrum—active, inactive, conservative, liberal, or ex-Mormon.

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