Welcome to the Seaford Comprehensive Plan Business Survey

Please note that this survey is intended for businesses and their employees or commercial property owners located within the Seaford City limits (pay City taxes or City utility bill).  If you do not fall in this category, please complete the Community Survey, available online at http://www.seafordde.com/comprehensive-plan.

The City of Seaford has experienced growth in both population and housing units since 2010, and is regarded as an employment center for Sussex County. To better understand current and future conditions, the City is updating its Comprehensive Plan, which is an official statement about Seaford’s future that is used to direct future development decisions. It is required by State law and is certified by the Governor. This survey contains questions on a variety of issues related to the City including land use, housing, transportation, utilities, city and community services, economic development, recreation, and other quality of life issues. As a business owner, employee, or property owner within the City, we need your opinion! Your input is vital as we complete the Plan.