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The Scouters' Tips have helped me to better facilitate the program
The layout of the cards makes them easy to use and understand
The information on the cards is easy to understand
The Scouters' Tips provide information on some of the important challenges I face

* 8. What are some of the issues or topics you would like to see a Scouter's Tip about?

* 9. What do you think are the strengths of the Scouter's Tips as a resource?

* 10. What do you think are the weaknesses of the Scouter's Tips as a resource?

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* 14. What were the strengths of this Scouters' Tip?

* 15. What were the weaknesses of this Scouters' Tip?

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* 17. Would you like to provide feedback on any other specific Scouters' Tip?