Connect any pinball machine to the Internet
By installing SCORBITRON into a pinball machine, owners & operators add custom device that can read score data from any solid-state, DMD or modern game to enable a wide range of advanced features.

Below is an overview of the features of Scorbit and a Scorbitron device.

  • Accept electronic payments
  • Display games and leaderboards on in-venue screens
  • Remotely manage machines
  • Optimize machine earning through status tracking
  • Optimize revenue and game configurations
  • Track and optimize game placement

Venue Owners
  • Utilize engaging scoring displays scoreboards, and custom venue achievements to promote play
  • Create virtual redemption systems for customers
  • Greater machine uptime through integrated analytics

Tournament Directors
  • Automatic, verified scorekeeping through tournament software integration
  • Enable multi-venue and virtual tournaments
  • Attract players to tournaments through public, online leaderboards
  • Easy integration of live scores to livestream of tournament play
  • Check into games and automatically record and save scores to personal, local and global leaderboards via a mobile app
  • Compete against the world, not just the top four on a local machine
  • Updates scores in real-time to the cloud
  • Track and challenge other players scores
  • Unlock engaging achievements during game play
  • Participate in virtual tournaments
  • Stream games live to other users or the Internet
Developers and Partners
  • API designed to allow developers of visualizations, tournament software, and pinball machines to easily integrate with the platform
As we develop the Scorbit platform, the needs of Operators, Venue Owners and Players are some of the most important aspects of what we're doing, so we need your feedback. Your input can shape Scorbit!

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