We want your input on the future use of the Harbor Community Building site

The Town of Scituate purchased the Harbor Community Building (Pier 44) in 2010 with mitigation funds that were received as part of the restoration of the Greenbush Commuter Rail. The Agreement to purchase the property requires that it be used for a “public purpose of open space and land preservation for outdoor recreation by, and education of, the general public.” Thereby limiting the Town’s options for re-using the facility or disposing of the property.

In 2012, the Pier 44 Buildings Options and Feasibility Study Committee presented a report to the Board of Selectmen out-lining site conditions, the condition of the existing building and applicable town, state and federal regulations to get an idea what can and cannot be done and what those options might cost. They also solicited input from the public through a survey which received 1,011 responses. Copies of the report can be found here. Based on their work, they came up with three (3) potential uses for the site; a public park, some type of maritime use(s) or a community center utilizing either the existing structure or a new structure.  The advantages and disadvantages of each option as determined by the Committee is outlined below: