I'm A. J. Schuler, founder of Schuler Solutions.  I believe strongly that consulting sub contract relationships should be conducted as collaborative, respectful, positive relationships among professionals.  Please see my related statement of vision and values here if you have not already come across it.

Completing this questionnaire allows me to begin to understand you and develop the foundations for any future business relationship.  I prefer to establish these relationships well in advance of any project or opportunity. 

For my business plan, I emphasize finding top talent able to collaborate to make a difference for clients, and then seeking opportunities based on that talent, rather than first seeking opportunities and then finding appropriate resumes to plug into proposals. 

As an example, have you ever heard of the Wrecking Crew?  I'm interested in establishing a similar network of top tier professionals and specialists who can collaborate for clients on projects that make a difference.  Along the way, we as professionals can learn from each other and grow, through positive relationships, mutual support and well conceived and managed client relationships.

When you work with Schuler Solutions, you are a valued and respected professional, not a commodity to monetize through contracts.  I emphasize quality, process and execution over scale. 

Thank you in advance for completing this brief questionnaire.

-- A. J. Schuler, Psy. D.