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Please take 10 minutes to give the NMPED feedback on the Martinez and Yazzie consolidated lawsuit (Martinez/Yazzie).

The NMPED's strategy to move forward with Martinez/Yazzie is focused on creating an effective and equitable education system with supports for all students focused on root-cause analysis, equity-focused leadership and continuous improvement, and culturally and linguistically responsive curriculum (CLR) and pedagogy.

To help achieve the goals listed above, districts and charter schools must initially concentrate on the development of the following:

1. establishment of equity councils at each district and charter school;

2. completion of a Martinez and Yazzie Readiness Assessment and equity plan to support schools;

3. implementation of a CLR framework for every school; and

4. submission and implementation of 90-day plans through the New Mexico Data, Accountability, Sustainability, and High Achievement tool (NMDASH) with a specific focus on economically disadvantaged students, Native American students, English learners, and students with disabilities. As well as the implementation of the New Mexico Spotlight system to track annual progress.

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* 1. School-Level CLR Framework. Holding students’ identity, culture, and language at the center of our work as a strength is key in the design of our schools and every aspect of our educational system. Districts and charter schools must implement a CLR framework to prepare students for college, career, and life by supporting their identity and holistic development, including social, emotional, and physical wellness, in addition to rigorous academic standards.

The school community should be engaged in the process of the development of the framework and align with the criteria provided by the NMPED. We will provide a timeline that allows for effective and authentic community engagement and the development of the framework. It is expected that districts and charter schools will engage students, families, tribes, and key community stakeholders in a series of community-led conversations about the creation of the framework aimed at student outcomes that ensure wellbeing, academic achievement, and success. The NMPED will provide guidance and training for the creation and implementation of the framework.

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