1. Introduction and your priorities

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The San Francisco Unified school district’s two-year projected budget shortfall for 2010-11 and 2011-12 now stands at $113 million.

This is a huge number, representing a cut of over $1,000 per student for each of the next two years. According to Superintendent Garcia, "These numbers are large and they will be devastating. The cuts that the State is forcing us to make are the greatest ever made at one time in the history of our district."

In filling out this survey, you will help us let the school board know what our priorities are as parents. The more people who fill out this survey, the stronger we can make our case for which programs to keep funded!

Question Title

* 1. If San Francisco schools were funded adequately, what would you like to see more of at the school or in the district as a whole?

  Not important/could do without it Want less than now About the same as exists now More than exists now Much, much more than exists now don't know
Arts programs (visual, performing, music)
Science instruction
Quality of school lunches
Class size reductions (smaller class sizes)
Quality of teaching instruction
Mental health services for children
Teacher support and training
District administration costs
Technical infrastructure at schools (school loop/computer)
Closing the achievement gap
Gardening/outdoor science program
Quality before and aftercare on-site
Parent involvement in classroom
Sense of community at school
Learning a second language
Yard monitoring
Programs to maintain classroom discipline
Libraries/library programs
Paraprofessionals/teacher's assistants
Length of school year
Parent liaisons
Programs to address needs of students behind grade level
GATE and AP classes (including teacher prep. time)
Translation and interpretation services
Summer school