Introduction and Background

Thank you for participating in this School to Adult Services Family Needs Survey. This is a completely anonymous survey. It is being conducted as part of an NJLEND Family Fellow leadership project through the Boggs Center for Developmental Disabilities and Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School.

Why are we doing this survey?

Information is only as valuable as people’s ability to access it, understand it and act on it. While there are many resources available to support families in moving from school to the adult system of care, families still find the process confusing, overwhelming and difficult to manage. 

We are conducting this survey to capture a picture of:

· the materials, programs and agencies families have found the most useful and supportive in their transition process;

· the characteristics that make a resource useful and effective at preparing families to understand the different parts of the adult system of care and prioritize the actions they need to take to transition their children from school to the adult systems;

· gaps in support and suggested solutions to improving the process and experience for families and young adults that can be put into action.

What will we do with the information?

The data gathered will be shared with policy makers, advocacy agencies, state agencies, family support organizations and service providers to demonstrate what is working and what is missing, and the common pain points and suggested remedies revealed through the family responses to this survey.

What is the intended outcome?

This information will be used to propose actions based on the survey responses that will help to better prepare families to navigate their child’s transition from school to adult services and navigate the adult services systems. This is intended to be the first step in an ongoing effort to bring the voices and lived experience of individuals with developmental disabilities and their families front and center in the effort to ensure that access to adult services is less complicated and stressful and more responsive to the needs of those these systems are intended to serve.   

COVID-19 Pandemic Impact

The pandemic has had a profound impact on schools and the delivery of special education services. We ask when completing this survey that you consider the resources that have been available to you before and during the COVID-19 pandemic as a whole.  We have included a question at the end of the survey for you to share the impact the pandemic has have on your child’s transition experience.