Scholarships to YOU, Inc. (STY) is a 6 year old 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that has raised and distributed scholarship dollars on a limited scale.  The board of directors is considering expansion to assist colleges and schools with 90-10 relief, reduce student debt, and possibly assist with Gainful Employment….all worthy goals.

The board of directors is considering the following:

1. Create a Membership Group of schools where the main benefits are:
    a. Only Member school’s students can apply for scholarship dollars; dollars that likely will reduce student debt load, the school’s uncollectible loans, and provide dollars for 90-10 relief and perhaps assist the school with GE

    b. Have STY fundraiser approach your largest vendors for tax deductible donations to the fund and also to accept donations from Member School owners and family members

    c. Provide materials to inform your student population of the availability of these scholarships at your school; the more who apply, the more your school is likely to see substantial student debt relief and dollars that qualify for 90-10 relief

2. Charge for membership with proceeds used for administrative purposes to include fundraiser’s salary, some support personnel, nominal rent – basically the “monthly nut”, leaving donations to be directly provided to the schools on behalf of deserving students

3. Approach owners, vendors, and successful graduates for tax deductible donations to be distributed only within Member schools

4. Provide scholarships, of various amounts, to students of Member Schools that have demonstrated need and have completed a portion of the program with a solid level of attendance (TBD), thus supporting the good efforts of the school.  The goal would be to distribute as near to 100% of raised funds to scholarships benefitting students of Member Schools.

The following survey will assist the board of directors to decide if there is sufficient interest in schools joining the Member Group and this will take under two minutes.

Question Title

* 1. What’s your first reaction to this new 90-10 scholarship initiative?

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* 2. If this Member Group were available today, and assuming a membership fee of $3,000 to $5,000, how likely would you be to join?

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* 3. How likely is it that you would recommend our new Member Group to a friend, colleague or another school?

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* 4. Any Comments you would like to make or questions you would like to ask?

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* 5. For additional information please provide the best way to contact you?