Information required for registration

We really appreciate you taking time to fill out this page which will not only help us in the administration and organisation of these classes but will also help us to understand your needs. The class will probably be close to the city centre in Dublin but we will let you know by end of August. Thank you!

* 1. Name:

* 2. School:

* 3. What year are you taking the Leaving Certificate Examination? (Classes are only open to those going into 5th Year in September)

* 4. Date of Birth:

* 5. Email address that you use on a regular basis:

* 6. Telephone number:

* 7. Name of parent/guardian

* 8. Contact telephone number for Parent/Guardian

* 9. Contact email address for Parent/Guardian

* 10. Country of Origin:

* 11. Language/s spoken at home:

* 12. Other languages spoken:

* 13. Reason/s for wanting to take a Leaving Cert class in Japanese:

* 14. Where did you hear about this class?

* 15. We would like to ensure that students who begin this course are committed and intend to take it in the Leaving Cert exam - can you provide some reasons that you think you will be able to manage an extra subject on Saturday mornings (many do but we'd like to know that you have the potential to be one of them!).

Thank you for your application.   We will email you mid-august to confirm a place on the course and to give full details of the start date and venue. Just a few more things:
(i)FYI the classes are FREE. There is just a small payment of 50 euro required to cover the cost of the textbooks and photocopying for the two year course which is payable after you receive a place on the course.
(ii) Please like our Facebook page for updates
(iii) Please also check out our website at for loads of useful Japanese resources.