People and Places Insight Town Benchmarking has been conducted in over 350 locations across the United Kingdom and involves capturing data on Key Performance Indicators within the town such as retail offering, footfall, car parking, business confidence, shopper origin and town centre user views.

The following short survey allows both town centre users and non users to provide their ratings and views on various aspects of the Town Centre. By asking both groups we hope to build up a detailed picture of Sandy and produce a report which will inform future projects and progress. Please take 2 minutes to complete this important survey.The final report will be made available on the Sandy Town Council Website at the end of July 2019. If you have any questions regarding Benchmarking, please contact Mike King, People and Places, Director or telephone 01908 776940 / 07788286337

Please use the 'NEXT' and 'PREVIOUS' buttons to navigate through the survey. At the end of the survey click 'DONE' to submit.