The Inland Employee Survey

An opinion survey designed by and for newspaper people.

You are about to join thousands of others in participating in this survey which was designed solely for use by newspapers. Its purpose is to get your ideas and opinions concerning your work, employment conditions and other matters affecting your job. The questionnaire provides you with the opportunity to offer suggestions on how to improve operations at your newspaper.

The booklet contains a number of statements that are easy to complete. All you have to do to respond is place an “X” in the box under your response to each statement. We urge you to be completely frank in your responses.

DO NOT SIGN YOUR NAME. The only information we require is contained in the General Information section. Numerous precautions have been taken to ensure your anonymity. The information requested about your job will not be used to identify you individually. No one at your newspaper will ever see the booklet you complete.

Read each statement carefully and decide how you feel about it. You will agree with some statements and disagree with others. You may be undecided about some. To help you express your opinion, three possible responses have been placed beside each statement.

There are no right or wrong answers. It is your honest opinion we want. THIS IS NOT A TEST.

Choose the response most like your own opinion and place an “X” in the box beside the statement. If you cannot make a response, mark the “UNDECIDED” box and go on to the next statement. But do not mark the box under “UNDECIDED” unless you are totally neutral and/or have no opinion whatsoever.

Some of the statements will not be worded exactly as you would like them to be. Interpret them as best you can. You do not have to completely “AGREE” or “DISAGREE” to give a response. If you “AGREE” more than you “DISAGREE” then mark the box under agree and vice versa.
Supervisor -- refers to the person to whom you report directly.

Management -- refers to those above your supervisor.

This information will be used only to report group results. No individual responses will ever be reported. Small groups will be combined in order to guarantee anonymity.

Copyright 2002 Inland Press Association

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* My department is:

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* My job is:

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* I work:

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* Opinions

  Agree Disagree Undecided
1. I have a good opportunity to use my abilities at this newspaper.
2. All things considered, people get along pretty well here.
3. The quality of work done by my department is very good.
4. The hours and shift I work are okay.
5. Management generally tries to understand our problems and concerns.
6. The people I work with are not well trained to do their jobs.
7. My supervisor generally gives us credit for work well done.
8. The company keeps us in the dark on things we ought to know.
9. I do not understand how my job fits in with other work in my department.
10. There is cooperation among departments.
11. I receive regular performance evaluations.
12. Work is usually distributed fairly among employees in my department.
13. I feel respected by my supervisor.
14. It is generally safe to say what you think.
15. Too many people are brought in from the outside, instead of promoting from within.
16. There is too much waste of materials and supplies.
17. Our department work area is usually clean and orderly.
18. I often doubt what management tells us is true.
19. My supervisor fails to pass along information we need to do a good job.
20. The benefit program fits my needs.
21. I do not believe I have enough input into decisions that affect my work.
22. As far as I know, drug and/or alcohol abuse is not a problem in my department.
23. We have enough people in my work group to get the work done properly.
24. My supervisor helps us solve problems that occur on the job.
25. My pay is enough to give me a reasonable amount of security.
26. I like the kind of work I do.
27. Sexual harassment is not tolerated at this newspaper.
28. The decisions management makes are generally fair.
29. The company does a good job helping new employees get started on the job.
30. My supervisor is generally well organized.
31. I think the newspaper is well regarded in the community
32. The company is supportive of employees who need to balance work and personal roles.
33. I think my performance is evaluated fairly.
34. My job duties have been well explained to me.
35. Considering the kind of work I do, my working conditions are fine.
36. This newspaper has good Human Resources (Personnel) policies and practices.
37. My supervisor generally tries to get our ideas.
38. The company does not do a good job explaining company benefits.
39. I feel my job is secure as long as I do a good job.
40. People here are afraid to take risks and try new approaches.
41. When people do a good job, their contributions are generally recognized.
42. I do not feel safe and secure while I am at work.
43. My supervisor makes clear-cut decisions so we know what the score is.
44. There is too much time wasted around here.
45. There are good opportunities at this newspaper for those who do a good job.
46. The people I work with do not trust each other very much.
47. My supervisor plays favorites instead of judging people on performance.
48. The company provides adequate information to us regarding career opportunities.
49. The equipment we have to work with is usually in good shape.
50. In my opinion, supervisors at this newspaper are adequately trained to handle their jobs.
51. Compared with other companies in this community, our pay is okay.
52. Too many people in my department get away with poor performance.
53. The non-work areas (restrooms, lunchrooms, etc) are clean and comfortable.
54. The company shows an interest in developing people to their full potential.
55. Management does not give the supervisors enough authority to get the work done efficiently.
56. Our employee benefits are comparable to those of other companies in this community.
57. I am often required to work overtime when I do not wish to.
58. Generally nothing happens when we make a suggestion to our supervisor.
59. Compared with other people at this newspaper, I am paid fairly.
60. Language or humor that may offend or insult individuals or groups is not acceptable here.
61. I think management will make good use of this survey.

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If there are any special matters you would like to bring to the attention of management, please write your comments on this page. Your comments will be typed by Inland Press Association. No one at your newspaper will ever see this comment sheet or the questionnaire booklet once it has been completed.