Thanks for reaching out! I love helping agency owners confidently hit their goals and reach their agencies' full potential, faster than if they did it alone.

One client said my insights helped her stop “treading water,” so that she and her business partner could finally focus on solutions instead of problems. Another client said he saw more progress in his first month of coaching than in 10 years on his own. At another client’s agency, I uncovered $2+ million in untapped value during our first advising call.

My approach to agency consulting and coaching focuses on accountability (keeping you on track), advice (what to do, based on your values, goals, and resources), and perspective (how your situation compares to other agencies).

Your answers here will help customize our free exploratory call, to see if we’re a match to work together. Anything you share is confidential. At the end of the call—if your situation and goals are a match—we’ll discuss next steps to get started!

(And yes, I am currently tilting my head like that at this very moment!)

* 1. What’s your contact info, so I can match your answers to you?

* 2. Why did you start (or join) your agency? How has that matched up to reality?

* 3. Do you lean toward running a Lifestyle agency (where your goal is to keep running the agency as long as possible) or a High-Growth agency (where your goal is to sell it in the next 5 years)? If you’re not sure, check out my article on the topic.

* 4. If you could wave a magic wand, what’s different 1 year from now? What about 5 years from now?

* 5. What metrics would you use to track our success in working together?

* 6. If you’ve worked with a business consultant (or coach or other paid advisor before), what did you like and not like about that relationship?

* 7. Do you have any questions you want to be sure I answer during our call?

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