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Our small country Church built in the center of town in 1896 has grown to over 3,000 families, making us one of the largest and most vibrant in the Diocese. We asked the Ridgefield Architecture and Master Planning firm of Doyle Coffin Architecture to facilitate a Master Planning Process which will help us understand our long and short term goals as a Parish. A vital component to the success of this process is gathering information from you. This questionnaire will help us understand what we can do for you. This includes physical space needs as well as your ‘wish list’ and vision for the Parish’s future. Please take a moment to fill out this questionnaire. There is additional space at the end for anything you would like to tell us that is not covered in our survey and/or to elaborate on previous questions.

Thank you so much for your time, we look forward to working with you as we develop the Master Plan vision for Saint Mary Parish together!