Happy New Year from Sail Canada!

We are excited to let you know that we are looking at ways to service Canada's sailing groups better than ever before! To do this we need to know a bit about the set-up of your Class Association and your thoughts on how Sail Canada can more directly benefit your organization. Thank you for taking just a few minutes to answer some questions!

* 1. Which Class Association are you with?

* 2. Does your Class Association pay for anyone to administrate for the organization (communications, memberships, web & social media updates)?

* 3. Sail Canada is looking to provide services, tools and benefits to our member Class Associations! Please let us know how much your organization would like to see the following taking place (1=Very much / 3=Not at all):

  We'd love to see this! We might like this / we'd like to see what our membership thinks. No thanks. We don't need this from Sail Canada.
Special member rates on insurance plans (boat ownership / racing / regatta hosting)
Special member prices on gear / equipment
Goods for prizing at your class championships
Prizing hardware for your class championships
Centralized online regatta registration & results service (servicing the host organization & your class association database)
Online results service (preliminary results posted online as the races finish)
Online registration service for annual membership
Administrative support for website, social media, direct electronic communications
Administrative support for mail and / or banking

* 4. Does your organization have a Class Measurer?

* 5. Would you like to have more of your members / volunteers trained in measurement for your class?

* 6. Would you like to offer your members / volunteers / hosts any race clinics / racing rules seminars, & / or training in any of Sail Canada's programming (race management, judging, umpiring, safety)?

* 7. What email address should we use to keep in touch with your Class Association in 2014?

* 8. Feel free to provide links to your website, your 2014 calendar of events, and any other information about your class association: