Thank you for taking the time to complete a brief survey to collect maternal and child health needs for Saginaw County.  This data will be used to identify gaps and assist community stakeholders in developing action plans to improve the health of our mom's and children in Saginaw County.  This survey should take less than 5 minutes to complete and the results will be shared with community stakeholders and the public.  No identifiable data will be collected and individual results will not be shared.  Should you have any questions please contact the Saginaw County Department of Public Health at (989) 758-3813.  Thank you for your feedback.

* 1. Please enter your Zipcode.

* 2. If you had a perfect world, what would you have, that you don't have now, to make moms’ and childrens’ lives better?

* 3. Where do you look for help in Saginaw County?

* 4. Where do moms and children learn about healthy living?

* 5. What stops moms and kids from getting help?