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Dear workshop registrant,
Thank you for registering for the workshop on Sage Education Days at the University of Washington in Seattle, June 19-21, 2013. Please complete this survey by May 31, 2013.

These workshops are offered to mathematics instructors under a grant from the National Science Foundation Division of Undergraduate Education. As part of that grant-funded project, we'd like to gather some information about your experiences and perspectives on teaching college mathematics and using Sage in teaching. Data will be used (1) to evaluate the workshop's effectiveness, (2) to improve future Sage Education Days, and (3) to provide general advice to others seeking to support faculty in improving teaching and learning in college mathematics.

This survey asks about your teaching experiences and preferences, your learning objectives for students, your expectations and personal reasons for registering for the Sage Education Days, and your prior knowledge of Sage tools and Sage-related materials (e.g., open-source textbooks). Please mark the answer that best matches your response to each question.

Your participation is voluntary. You may skip questions you do not wish to answer, or choose not to participate. Your answers are anonymous and will not be reported in any way that may identify you individually; they will be aggregated with responses by other workshop participants. The workshop facilitators will not know how you answered, but we will provide a summary of responses to the facilitators to assist them in preparing for the Sage Days.

By completing this survey, in part or in whole, you agree that we may use this data to understand and improve faculty development for mathematics instruction. The data will also be used to provide a report to our funding agency on the effectiveness of the workshops. You may be invited to participate in follow-up surveys or interviews, but completing this survey now does not obligate you to participate in the future.

Thank you for your candid responses! I very much appreciate your assistance. And please contact me with any questions.

Susan Lynds, project evaluator

Education Outreach Program
Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences
University of Colorado at Boulder