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Travel Behavior

Hello! The Stanislaus Council of Governments (StanCOG) is interested to learn more about your experience and thoughts on walking, bicycling, and road safety in your community. Your responses will help StanCOG develop messaging on road safety and walking and bicycling promotion.

This brief survey will take approximately 10-15 minutes to complete. We appreciate your input!

Question Title

* 1. How far do you typically travel from home (one-way) to get to the following places? (Select one answer for each destination)

  Less than 1 mile 1-3 miles 3-5 miles 5-10 miles 10 or more miles Not Applicable
School (for yourself or someone else)
Social Activities (e.g. visiting friends, community events, senior or community center)
Medical appointments
Recreation (trails, parks, gym)
Entertainment (sports events, community center, concerts, theater)
Grocery shopping
Other shopping
Place of worship
Volunteer activities

Question Title

* 2. In the past six months, how frequently did you use the following travel options to get to destinations like those listed in the previous question? (Select one answer for each mode of travel)

  Multiple times per week Once a week 1-3 times per month Less than once a month Never
Drove alone in a personal car, truck, or van
A family member or friend drove me
Public transit (such as StaRT, MAX, Turlock Transit, CAT, Amtrak, etc.)
Organized carpool, vanpool or commuter bus
Used a bicycle
Used a skateboard or scooter
Used shuttle or dial-a-ride
Used a motorcycle or moped
Used Lyft, Uber, or local taxi
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