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Please enter quantity in the box to the right of the English and Spanish options.

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* Equipped:  Smart Catholic Parenting in a Sexualized Culture  $2.00 per book

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* Raising Chaste Children in a Pornographic World  .40 ¢ per pamphlet

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* Pick Up or Shipping Options

12-12-18 We are in the process of negotiating a price break for the materials.  At this time, please do not pre-pay for items ordered.  Invoices will be sent at a future date.  Thank you for your patience!

Before clicking "Done" (which automatically transfers to the Diocesan Donation/Payment page), please calculate the total dollar amount of items ordered. 

For example:  If you order 100 books & 50 pamphlets--multiply 100 by $2.00 per book then multipy 50 by 40 cents per pamphlet.  Enter $220 in the category provided on the Donation/Payment page.

If Parish Staff PICK UP materials, postage WILL NOT BE ADDED to the order amount.

If the MAIL option is selected, shipping & handling WILL BE included on the INVOICE.

Thank you!