The Children's Commission scholarship awards for this one-day CLE will cover the cost of registration to attend the live Child Abuse and Neglect Track in San Antonio on August 15, 2018, or to attend one of the subsequent video replays in Dallas on September 28, 2018; in Houston on October 5, 2018; and in South Padre on October 12, 2018.

This scholarship opportunity is limited to those qualifying attorneys who are only attending the one-day Child Abuse and Neglect training and not the full 2018 Advanced Family Law Course which includes the Child Abuse and Neglect training. Applicants should note that the Children’s Commission is not able to reimburse attorneys who pay the State Bar of Texas directly.
Please note that this scholarship application will close at midnight on Thursday, May 10, 2018.

* 1. Please provide the following:

* 2. Please provide the best phone number to contact you during business hours.

* 3. Please provide your preferred email address.

* 4. Please provide your title.

* 5. In what county is your practice primarily located? If you work for DFPS, please provide the region and the county of your main office location.

* 6. Please provide your business address:

* 7. Please provide your State Bar Membership Number and the year you were licensed to practice in Texas.

* 8. What percentage of your practice is comprised of CPS cases?

* 10. Please list the name of the judge before whom you primarily appear.

* 11. Please provide the email and phone number of the judge before whom you primarily appear.

* 12. Please indicate which workshop you would like to attend.

* 13. Have you received a scholarship from the Children's Commission to attend this event in the past?

* 14. These are topics on the agenda of the 2018 Workshop. How would you rate your knowledge of the following issues related to CPS cases?

  Need Improvement Fair Moderate Strong Very Strong
Ethical Duties of ADAs and Attorneys Representing CPS
Ethical Duties of Attorneys Representing Children
Ethical Considerations in Small Communities
Ethical Duties with Unknown Fathers

* 15. Please state why you would like to be chosen to receive a registration scholarship for the 2018 Child Abuse and Neglect Track at the Advanced Family Law Course.

* 16. If I receive a registration scholarship from the Children's Commission to attend the 2018 Child Abuse and Neglect Workshop at the Advanced Family Law Course, I understand that I am responsible for the following:

  Yes No
attending the live conference or video replay as indicated above
completing an evaluation after attending the workshop
certifying that all of theinformation provided in this application is accurate
abiding by all conditions listed for receipt of the scholarship

* 17. I understand that failure to attend the conference after acknowledging receipt of the scholarship or failure to complete the post-training evaluation may result in me not being awarded a future scholarship from the Children's Commission.