The Teacher of the Month Program runs October – March with the culmination with the Red Apple Gala in April. Nominations for Teacher of the Month are accepted from the 1-20th of every month, Oct.-March. Any certified district teacher is eligible to be nominated. You may not nominate yourself for this award. Students are highly encouraged to nominate a teacher. Please answer every question in order to give your candidate the best opportunity for being named Teacher of the Month. In addition, any examples and detailed information you can provide are helpful.

Any teacher who did not receive “Teacher of the Month” during the previous year is eligible to be nominated during the current school year, October-March. Teachers who were awarded Teacher of the Month will not be eligible to receive the award for the next three years. 

* 1. Nominee Information:

* 2. Nominator Information:

* 3. Select any of the following that apply to you.

* 4. Why do you think this teach deserves to be nominated?

* 5. How does this teacher show they care about students? Explain and/or share examples.

* 6. What are some fun projects this teacher has done in the classroom to make learning come alive?

* 7. Explain how this teacher goes "above and beyond" for the students.

* 8. If the teacher you are nominating does not receive the award for this month, would you like us to submit this nomination for the following months during the 2017-18 school year?

Thank you for your submission.