If you are part of the tech, creative or design community we are keen to get your input into the development of a new event for your community

You can help us understand the market opportunity by completing this short survey. Your answers can be completely confidential – but if you’d like us to keep you up to date with this project please let us know who you are.

If you have any questions or want more information, please contact Terri van Schooten:

Thanks for being part of our project.

Do you work in, or are interested in, the tech / creative sector

How many industry events held in NZ have you attended in the last 2 years?

What do you want to get out of attending industry events in NZ? (Please Rank where 1 is the least important and 5 is most important)

How many industry events held offshore have you attended  in the last 2 years?

What do you want to get out of attending industry events offshore? (Please Rank where 1 is the least important and 5 is most important)

Is there anything else that is important to you when attending or assessing whether to attend an event?

What would be your company's annual investment in attending events, including travel and accommodation, in NZ$?

What role(s) do you take at events?

Would you travel outside of your city/region to attend an event in NZ?

What has been the most valuable event you have attended?

What made it valuable to you?

What is the one event, anywhere in the world, you aspire to attend or re-attend?

What makes that event aspirational to you?

Thinking about the most worthwhile industry events you have attended, how many days would you optimally have invested in attending (irrespective of the actual number of days)

Any comment regarding the number of days?

Thinking about the 3-4 day  event you have always wanted to attend, how much would you pay for registration?

Any comment regarding the amount you'd pay?

Thinking about the events you have attended, or are aware of, what style(s) of content work best for you?

What is your preference for style?