Following the success of the first Omniture Café in Montréal, I've been discussing with Omniture about regional training.

If you had the opportunity of attending Omniture's training in Montreal at the end of September or early October, would you be interested?

The training cost would be roughly $1,500 for 3 days (exact pricing info might change).

Please fill-out this quick survey to help me out with the planning.

Disclaimer: Although my employer (Desjardins General Insurance) is interested in this training, the planning is my personal initiative and my employer supports me in doing so. Survey answers will be shared with Omniture only if there is sufficient interest for this event (confidentiality option at end of survey).

* 1. Please tell me a little about your Web Analytics training background and training plans.

  I'm not interested I attended this training I have plans to attend I'm interested but have no plans yet I would attend if it was in Montreal
SiteCatalyst v13.5 User Training (Basic)
SiteCatalyst v13.5 Advanced User Training
Advanced SiteCatalyst Implementation Training
SearchCenter v2 User Training
Discover v2.1 Training
UBC Award of Achievement

* 2. How many years of experience do you have...

* 3. Beside yourself, how many people would accompany you?

* 4. What are your expectations and success factor?

* 5. During the course of the training, if you could only ask ONE question, what would it be?

* 6. How likely are your to attend an Omniture Café or Web Analytics Wednesday on one of the evening (even if you don't attend the training)?

* 7. How can I contact you with further questions or inform you about this event?

* 8. Any other comments?

* 9. Can this information be shared with Omniture?